Of grandkids and new adventures

Greetings and welcome back to this quiet little corner of my world.

We are relocating to Florida – to be close to our kids/grandkids and extended families.

Thus, I have closed The Caning Room, LLC.  Fortunately, I also have a great referral for you – right here in Albuquerque!  Alison & Lin Standley have been in the seat weaving business for decades, and they are prepared to help you restore your treasures, too.  Reach them on the web here:  Standley Chair Caning

On their site, you will find a link to contact them by email.  Like many of us, the Standleys prefer not to post their phone number on the Internet.  However, I invite you to contact me with the particulars of your inquiry and I can put you in touch with them, directly, too.

We will surely miss the glorious and gracious Albuquerque community that’s been home to us for nearly 30 years.  We have so many wonderful memories to savor in our life-chapters ahead.  Of note to me have been the wonderful customers I’ve worked with and the treasured chairs you entrusted us with.  We surely hope you — and generations after you — will enjoy gazing upon them and sitting upon them as much as we enjoyed restoring them to their former glory.

Many thanks & best wishes to you & yours.


Spring is upon us

It seems to happen that customers find me … all at the same time.  As if the universe of broken and tired chairs calls out periodically to their “owners” to finally get them fixed.  This year, a realtor’s dad found me first and as I finished the work on that chair, the phone began ringing with a few more requests (one is repeat customer and other was referred by a prior customer).  I like when the work comes in clusters and, of course, love it when customers refer their pals.

Not many of us doing cane and rush here in the Albuquerque area, so most folks express relief when they finally find someone.  That’s how I felt years ago — and the need propelled me to launch this teeny tiny biz.


Oh my, this is overdue!

Busy times here and I’ve been remiss about posting blogs and pix.  New pix will come soon, and for tonight, just an update.

Asheville was a wonderful experience this summer, as I met and reconnected with seat weavers from all over the place.  Arriving from Albuquerque, I did win the “traveled furthest” recognition:  a cool little book with some advanced caning patterns.  Next year’s gathering will be closer to the heart of the US, so I’m not sure I’ll snag it a third time!  Learned a ton and delighted in the company of others with this passion.

Also came home with a great companion to the little book I was given:  a sturdy perfectly-rectangular practice frame with just enough holes for me to get the hang of any new pattern I want to try.  Since it’s small, ripping out finished to try again, or to try something new doesn’t “hurt” either.  Working a new pattern on a “perfect” frame allows me to focus on the unique over/under and crossings without much concern for the delightful unique misaligned holes that come with many vintage chairs.

I’ll be trying my hand at some wicker repair soon, too.


New weaving project & travel

Just finished weaving a new seat for a lovely antique arm chair.  Check out the new picture on the Pretwisted Natural Rush page.  The original seat had been woven using hand twisted seagrass and had seen better days.  Unfortunately, that material is hard to come by and is working with it is so labor intensive (pronounced “prohibitively expensive for most customers”), most of us weavers use PTNR instead.  This chair has a new future, and we preserved some of its history by including original stuffing and its story between the woven layers.

Next up, the shop will close for a coupla weeks while I attend the 2016 Gathering of the Seatweavers Guild in Asheville, NC.

Watch this space for updates!


Thanks for visiting

We hope you enjoy visiting our site and seeing some of the work we have completed.

Please consider us for your seat weaving needs in the future:  hand caning, sheet cane, pre-twisted natural rush, and fiber rush.  Contact us for a current price list (2015 pricing still in effect).

All work is done by appointment only at

The Caning Room, LLC in Albuquerque, NM